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DGA: Welcome to my blog, Pegg Thomas. I’m excited about your first book contained in The Pony Express Romance Collection. I purchased it and found myself gobbling it up. I can barely contain my excitement because I love to read historicals, especially when they’re romances. I’d love to gush to readers about your book, but I’ll hold my tongue and allow you that opportunity.

PEGG: Thanks so much for having me! I’m new to the whole “published author” thing so it’s all very exciting. “Embattled Hearts” was an easy book to write. I loved the characters, setting, and the time period it’s written in. I’m a life-long history geek, so digging up the history facts to drop into the story was a lot of fun. The news passed on by the Pony Express riders concerning the Civil War was all factual. 

DGA:  Those kinds of true tidbits are what draw me into historicals. I feel like I’m learning a few things while enjoying the story.  It’s extra enjoyable that in addition to your novella, there are eight other novellas in The Pony Express Romance Collection. Nine short books for the price of one. For readers like me, who enjoy bargains, that’s a great deal! I’m wondering though, how did you get into writing historical fiction?

PEGG: It’s what I read and what I love, making the choice very easy. I love the research, even more than the writing. I have to be very deliberate with my time, or I’ll spend way too much of it researching and too little of it writing.

DGA: I can certainly understand that, history is enticing. Is historical the only genre you write?

PEGG: Right now I’m writing historical romance, but I’d love to get some of my pure historical books published someday.

DGA:  I read on your Twitter account that you own a farm. What kind of farm is it, and does it influence your writing?

PEGG:  It’s a small hobby farm. We raise sheep and chickens. There’s also a large garden and a growing berry patch. This year I’m adding gooseberries to the patch. The sheep provide both wool and meat. The chickens provide meat and eggs. There’s also my old horse, Trooper, and my doggie side-kick, Murphy.

DGA:  It sounds like a great place to live. You’re almost self-sufficient! I think I read on your Facebook site that you have several interesting hobbies. People might be amazed to learn that you can spin your own wool!

PEGG: Yes! In fact last summer I was able to purchase an antique spinning wheel, called a Great Wheel, which is about 200 years old.  What a thrill to spin on such a piece of history. Most of my spinning is done on a modern production wheel. I love to knit and make mostly shawls or socks. I have a passion for both. Here’s a You Tube link of me spinning on my antique Great Wheel, if you’d like to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwGY_hMPdsc  My other hobbies are reading—of course—and gardening, making greeting cards, and sewing. I used to do quite a bit of quilting, but finding time for that anymore just isn’t happening.

DGA:  I’ve seen pictures of your shawls on your Facebook site, and they’re beautiful. Between your farm and your hobbies, you’re a very interesting person! I suspect there’s never an idle moment in your corner of the world. I recently learned somewhere that you’re also a prolific reader. How many books do you read per year? And what’s your favorite genre?

PEGG: I read about 60 books a year. I’ve been reviewing for several different publishing houses, plus friends and fellow authors. But even if I wasn’t doing that, I’d always have a book I’m reading nearby, and it’s usually history, usually fiction, but sometimes biographies or other non-fiction types of books.

DGA:  Does reading help your writing? Who’s your favorite author and how does he/she influence your writing?

PEGG: Oh, yes. Reading helps hone the skills of storytelling. No doubt. My current favorites—always subject to change—are Jocelyn Green, Laura Frantz, and Ann Gabhart. But there are so many more I could list! Reading good, solid stories from people who know how to write them inspires me to write better.

DGA:  Thanks, Pegg. Do you have another book for us to look forward to? And is there anything else brewing in the land of Pegg Thomas?

PEGG: I have another story, “In Sheep’s Clothing” that is coming out in January as part of the Bouquet of Brides Romance Collection, also from Barbour Publishing. I loved writing that one. It combines my spinning and sheep knowledge with the history of Colonial Milford, Connecticut, where some of my ancestors settled. Fun stuff! I’ve also recently accepted the position of Managing Editor for Smitten Historical Romances, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

DGA:  Can’t wait to read that new book when it’s out, and congratulations on the editor position, you truly are a busy lady! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you better. Best wishes on your novella, Embattled Hearts within The Pony Express Romance Collection, the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy Spring day. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, drop in for a hot cup of coffee and a gab session on the world of writing. May God bless all of your endeavors.

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    This was fun, Deb. My first “official” blog interview as an author. 🙂

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