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 Children as well as adults love birthday parties.  I remember the time Tommy’s mom planned a race car party for him. She went all out. The cake resembled a huge red race car, and the plates and napkins boasted race car designs. She set miniature race cars as gifts by each guest’s plate and red and black streamers dangled over the table. By the front door she taped a yellow finish line. Even the party games were designed around the race car theme. Anyone would have enjoyed the party. But no one came. No one except me and my little boy, because I made him.

Tommy wasn’t a nice little boy. He taunted children at school and in the neighborhood, and he rarely shared toys. Most often, he yelled at his playmates and called them names like dummy, dodo, and stupid. The fact that no one came to his party wasn’t surprising at all. Maybe it was a wake up call for him regarding his behavior.

But every year during December (and now even before Halloween), we set up decorations, a tree with multicolored bulbs, sparkling lights, peppermint candy canes, and so much more around our homes to celebrate Christmas. The smells of peppermint, pine, and frothy hot chocolate mingle to create an ambiance unlike any other. This one day, December 25  is actually Jesus’s birthday. That’s how the day came about—to celebrate God’s son, who came to earth, not as a pompous, arrogant, rich King to bow to and serve, but as a humble man of meager surroundings, with an enormous heart for sinners and mankind, and a desire not to be served but to serve others.

If anyone were deserving of a birthday party and celebration it would be Jesus. He actually gave His life so that even the worst of us might one day have eternal life. And yet, we capitalize on the date of His birth, ignoring His birthday party, and using the day not to glorify Him, but to glorify a mythical figure by the name of Santa Claus. I’m not denying that the pretend magic of Santa Claus coming to town isn’t fun. It truly is.

But is there something misguided about this picture?

Wouldn’t it be great if we actually gave Jesus the birthday party He deserved? Truth is, He doesn’t really want one. He only wants our hearts.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior and Lord this Christmas, I urge you to open a Bible to the Book of John and begin reading about Him. Find out what He did while on earth. Learn how loving and kind, and nonjudgemental He is, unlike some portray Him today. He didn’t come to punish, but to remove our punishments. He took on the punishments for our sins so that we would be absolved. There is no sin too big or too bad that He didn’t forgive by dying on the cross. And the good news is, He continues to forgive us our sins every single day. All we have to do is ask. Have you ever asked Jesus to forgive you and to become the Lord of your life? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain–including eternal life. If you haven’t, please think about it today. Your time may be running out.

Deb Gardner Allard is a writer of books & stories for children. She has a B.S. degree in psychology and is a retired registered nurse. Her book, “Izzy and the Real! Truth About Moose Boy,” a book for 3rd through 5th graders, encourages children to talk about the difference between teasing and bullying while reading about the pranks of Moose Boy. The book can be purchased through Barnes & Noble.com, Amazon.com and many other venues. Deb enjoys blogging about children as well. Visit her website at www.debgardnerallard.com.


Illustration is called, “Birthday Cake,” from wikipediacommons.com


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  1. Wanda S. Maxey

    Great post, Deb, thanks for sharing your story of the birthday party that no one attended. But, most of all, thanks for sharing with others the invitation to remember that we celebrate the birthday of the King of Kings, Jesus.


  2. Patsy Reiter

    Thanks, Deb. Your story touched my heart. But more importantly, you shared about Jesus. Let all open their hearts and live for Him. He gave His all for us. Patsy

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