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About Deb’s book:


What’s the difference between teasing and bullying, anyway?

Join Izzy as she stumbles through fourth grade, struggling to determine whether Moose Boy’s pranks are teasing or bullying. Added to the equation is the behavior of mean old Mrs. Boomholler, a teacher with pink poodle hair, who has a hand in getting Izzy’s fun-loving teacher, Mr. Overly, reassigned. Izzy and friends decide to take action. What happens is pure fourth grade bumbling at its best. In the end, Izzy learns the truth about Moose Boy, Mrs. Boomholler, and herself. Mole guts, a cupcake eating mouse, and Bubblegum Mountain are just part of the fun.

Anyone interested in previewing pages or purchasing a book may go to Barnes & Noble.com or Amazon.com. An eBook is also available on Kindle.

The book is suitable for 3rd graders through 5th graders. Some sixth graders, older kids, and adults may chuckle as well, remembering their 4th grade year.

Not many people know that some of the scenes in my book actually happened. Can you guess which ones? The characters of Izzy, Chloe, and Mr. Overly are based on real people, but their depictions have been exaggerated in the grand style of story telling.  Something fun to know is that there really is a Lorenzo Stomp dance.

 In addition to Izzy and the REAL! Truth About Moose Boy, Guardian Angel has  published my first picture book, BABY POOPSIE LOVES EARS. The story depicts the aha moment when a baby discovers ears. Once baby Poopsie latches on, he won’t let go! Parents may identify with that very precious and often humorous event.


November 2013 Deb’s short story, “The Shocking Salvation of Simon Lanore”, was published in a book, The Transformation Project.” A Word Weaver’s project compiled by Anna Moore Bradfield. Deb won a Word Weaver’s contest for this submission which entitled her to a writing conference scholarship and inclusion in the book. The book is available where ever books are sold.

July 2013 Deb won honorable mention in a first chapter contest held by The Write Helper.

August 2016  BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE: A YOUNG ADULT CHRISTIAN SUSPENSE. Deb’s newest book under a pen name.

Before the Apocalypse: A Young Adult Christian Suspense

Before the Apocalypse: A Young Adult Christian Suspense

What do writers do to keep humorous books separated from more serious or mature subject matter? They don a pen name! Introducing Taylor Jaxon, Deb’s more serious alter ego. While Deb enjoys penning humor, sometimes she likes to tackle deeper subjects as in her new book, Before the Apocalypse: A Young Adult Christian Suspense.

Why did she write this book? For a change of pace. And because God put it on her heart. She had been studying the blood moons and that led to studying prophecy. After a couple of years she had tons of information and a fervent desire to share it. Apparently millions of people are also eager to learn anything they can about prophecy, as evidenced by over a million clicks a day in search engines for the words apocalypse, end times, and prophecy.

Will Deb write a sequel to this book? Only if readers request it. Otherwise, she’ll move on to complete another humorous book called Surviving Aunt Maisy about a teen straddled with the care of a loony old lady who ends up turning his life upside down.

Please let Deb or ahem, Taylor Jaxon, know what you think of her new book–Before the Apocalypse.





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